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End of the Year 2020: Let's Submit Thematic Posters!

Artwork by Fiki.

With 2019 coming to an end ever so soon, we're glad to announce a new yearly tradition of inviting users to share their themed works tailored to specific events, such as holidays.

Now, Christmas and New Year's Eve are soon to begin, so it's a great opportunity for us to introduce a new activity that may be interesting for anyone who decides to take part. We're sure it's going to be fun working on something that has that wonderful connection to these magical days of drinking hot chocolate behind your window while watching the snowfall down and waiting for presents to be gifted and received. As usual, there's more to come!

For now, we invite all our users to submit thematic content, both static and animated, by sharing it on /r/SFM, our Discord Server, as well as tweeting @sfm_community. Don't forget to prepend (or append) your submission with #sfmxmas20!

Happy holidays!
See you in the next year!