Top Picks of October 2019

October has just wrapped up, so it's time for us to present you a list of exciting artworks and posters, animations and short movies made by the community and for the community in Source Filmmaker!

As usual, here are our top 5 picks of the best content posted on our Discord server:

A poster by Kenway
A poster by Kenway (DeviantArt)

“FRICKING HERETICS” by snegyrys#9560

A poster by Karimov
A poster by Karimov (Explosive Barrels | Reddit)

A poster by PixelEgor
A poster by PixelEgor (Explosive Barrels | Reddit)

A poster by Freddo#7819
A poster by Freddo#7819

And a hand-picked selection of top 10 submissions from /r/SFM subreddit, which we own, as well!

“Car Ride” by Brihives (Reddit | YouTube) — a rendered shot of a movie they are undertaking.

horse man
“horse man” by /u/Alpha_Fam

“1989”, a scenebuild by Atlas (Explosive Barrels | Reddit | DeviantArt | YouTube)

“Tools of the trade”
“Tools of the trade”, a high-res 4K wallpaper by /u/KazuTheVulpine

Bell Soldier
“Bell Soldier” by /u/Actually_Axl (Steam)

Zombie apocalypse
“Zombie apocalypse” by /u/saintseiya06

“The Aztec Warrior”
“The Aztec Warrior” by /u/ENGLANDISMYCITY7_7

“Holding connector”
“Holding connector” by /u/SF_Commander

“Skeleton Soldiers”
“Skeleton Soldiers” by Harry101UK (Reddit | YouTube)

“Laa laa”
“Laa laa” by /u/Axzbullseye

Also, a couple of posts worth a honorable mention:

  • WARNING - NSFW! Sacrifice, a high resolution 4K poster by /u/Wazzu02: even though we don't feature adult and suggestive content in our picks, no one said we can't mention it. *wink* Anyway, it's just... good, and it would be a shame to let this nice artwork slide under the radar!
  • A work-in-progress open source Source Filmmaker replacement by Silverlan running on his own Pragma Engine — while not being an artwork or an animation, it certainly is worth looking for. It would be too anti-patriotic to openly bash SFM on its own safe heaven, but let's face the reality: the program is running on a very outdated build of Source Engine, which has been outdated itself for the past decade. Eventually, it should be phased out by Source2 and its SFM2 counterpart of SFM, but while this isn't happening, and uncertain if it ever happens, so perhaps, supporting Silverlan via Patreon may result in us receiving “SFM2” a tad bit earlier.
  • Last, but not least, the “Cloud Odyssey” movie commissioned by Oracle has been finally completed and uploaded for the public to see; this is probably the biggest commercial SFM project to date.

Just in case you would like to return and look at this month's picks again, we've set up a special featured showcases page, which lists all content that we have ever featured, starting from September, 2019.

Did you like what you saw? Let us know in the comments! Want to be a part of the next list? Post your poster or animation either on our subreddit, or on the Discord server, or even better, on the forums humbly provided to us by the Explosive Barrels Community.

See you next month!
The SFM Hub Team